My name is Julius Gon, and I am a freelance copywriter/content creator. I’ve been producing and editing videos since 2010 using Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro. I’m self-taught and always looking to learn more about content creation. When I first heard of copywriting, I thought it was a great way to put the skills I already had to work. I Formed Lowqy Copy with the help of Opal in 2021 and have been working hard to satisfy our customers since.

My name is Opal Lee, and I am a freelance copywriter. I’ve always been interested in working and expanding my knowledge in some way online. I’ve always liked to write, so naturally, copywriting got my attention. I’ve written blogs before, and let me say English class was definitely my favorite subject. Lowqy Copy allows Luis and me to express our writing and creative skills in many ways.