Guinea Pig Supplies You Should Have

To give your guinea pigs the best life, you need to have the basics for them. There are so many guinea pig products it can seem impossible to choose what’s right. As long as it’s safe for them, they’ll be happy. Here are some items that I would recommend for your piggies!

1. Guineadad fleece liners. Guineadad fleece liners are the best fleece liners you can buy. They cost more but last longer in the long run. With guineadad liners, you don’t have to have a layer underneath because the liners have a built-in layer that absorbs their pee. There’s another layer built into the liners that help control odors. These liners have a soft outer layer that’s comfortable for your piggies’ feet. Each liner has a colored pocket for your guinea pigs to burrow in. Guineadad fleece liners last longer because of the quality materials it’s made out of and is 100% safe for your piggies. The liners have a blue outer layer on the bottom that protects and stops any liquids from leaking. The liners are machine washable, but you can’t put the heat on them in the dryer. They should be air-dried or on low heat for one cycle in the dryer. The heat can ruin the liners and prevent them from working. Guineadad sells new liners that are softer than before, although they cost more money. These fleece liners are very easy to use and worth the money, especially if you buy bedding.

2. Glass water bottle. Glass water bottles may seem like an unnecessary item to buy, but this is another item that will last longer. Plastic water bottles tend to leak after a while and break easier. Living world bottles are one of the best glass bottles you can get. The bottle won’t drip because the bottles have a double ball bearing and leak-resistant tube. These bottles come with a plastic carrot on the inside so you can see the water level. Glass bottles are healthier for your piggies to drink from instead of plastic.

3. Critical Care. Critical Care is something you should have as a guinea pig owner, and you never know when you’ll need it. Guinea pigs can become seriously ill at any time and may stop eating. Critical Care provides all the nutrients they will need if they stop eating. Along with the Critical Care, it’s necessary to have a syringe to feed them because most guinea pigs won’t voluntarily eat when ill. Critical Care can jump-start their metabolisms and make them want to eat instead of you having to force-feed them.

4. Hay rack. A hay rack isn’t necessary, but it does help to have one. A good hay rack can help keep your guinea pig’s cage cleaner. Hay racks help keep your guinea pigs from making a mess of their hay and peeing on it. It won’t stop your guinea pigs from pulling it out to pee on or sleep on top of, but it won’t be as big of a mess as just keeping a pile in their cage. Keeping the hay in a hay rack also lessens the chance that your piggies will get any hay dust or hay poke. A hay rack makes your guinea pigs work for their food, meaning they’ll get a little exercise while eating. It looks adorable seeing them stand up at the hay rack as well. Guinea pigs will always make some mess while eating hay because they pick through it to get to the pieces they think are the best. A hay rack is a great way to track how much they’re eating. Never try to limit the amount of hay they eat or lessen the amount you give them! They require unlimited amounts of timothy hay!

5. Hideys and toys. If a guinea pig is startled, it will run and try to hide. Providing them with places to hide will make them feel safe and secure. Plus, having an empty cage will not make your guinea pigs feel comfortable. It’s natural for guinea pigs to seek refuge even if they’re not scared. The more places you have for them to hide, the better! If you can’t afford to buy any hidey houses, you can always take a cardboard box and cut entrances out. You can also drape a towel or blanket over the cage in multiple areas. Your piggies should have toys to play with too. They don’t have to be store-bought toys because you can make toys for your piggies using stuff you may already have at home. Toilet paper or paper towel tubes make a perfect toy for them. As long as they don’t have any glue or paper stuck to them, it’s safe to let them play with and gives them something to chew. You can also stuff the rolls with hay and other snacks they like to make it more exciting for them. A brown paper bag crumbled into a ball won’t last long but can also make a great toy. If you buy toys from a pet store, don’t buy anything with any dyes or paint. Always check the packaging on any toys you want to buy to ensure they’re safe and natural.

6. Ceramic food bowl. A ceramic food bowl is a great item to have. Guinea pigs chew on anything, so they’ll naturally chew on their food bowl. If the bowl isn’t sturdy enough and they put their weight on it, they can flip it and spill their food. Some guinea pigs will flip the bowl just because they figured out they can do it and that they’ll get fresher food.

7. Proper cage. Guinea pigs should have a proper cage. The cage shouldn’t have any wiring on the bottom, and the grids shouldn’t be big enough that they can hurt themselves. Your guinea pig’s cage should also be the recommended size so that they have enough room to run and move freely. You can make their cage using wood and plexiglass or buy a c&c cage. There are many options for cages, all varying in price, so be sure it’s safe and large enough.

Your guinea pigs will be happy with whatever their favorite human(s) gets them. Purchasing items for your piggies shouldn’t be hard. Hopefully, this list will help you with deciding what to get!

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